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The Five Percenter Lessons


What Are The Five Percenter Lessons?


The Five Percenter Lessons, also known as “120” and “The Book of Life” are a compilation of 120 lessons, consisting of 8 core lessons in Islam including the Supreme Mathematics and Supreme Alphabet. The complete 120 lessons were given to us by Clarence 13X “The Father” in 1964 when he began the Five Percenters, also known as “Nations of Gods and Earths” in Harlem, NY. Most of the lessons are a conversation between WD Fard and Elijah Muahammad and were given to The Father while he was a member of the Nation Of Islam.


Who Are The Five Percenters?


We find the first definition of a 5 percenter in the 16th degree of the 1-40.

16. Who is the 5% of this poor part of the planet earth?

– They are the poor righteous teachers who do not believe in the teachings of the 10% who are all wise and know who the true and living god is and teach that the true and living god is the sun of man the supreme being blackman of Asia who teaches freedom justice and equality to all the human families of the planet earth otherwise known as civilized people also Muslim and Muslim sons.

The Five Percent Nation is made up of the 5% of the people on the planet Earth that know and teach the truth that the Blackman is God and there is no mystery God in the sky. They also call know as “Poor Righteous Teachers” and “The Nation of Gods and Earths.” So the first qualification of a 5%er is to be a teacher. Five Percenters do not eat pork. Most members pride themselves in being civilized people and uphold the teachings of Islam but there are always disagreements about prayer, the meaning of God in man, and affiliation with Islam.

In the past, most Five Percenters had to receive knowledge of self from a family member, while incarcerated, or by being approached by a street preacher. Thanks to the advancement of technology, Allah’s mathematics is now only a curious mind and a search query away!


Why The Five Percent Nation Is Stagnant


After taking months to build this website and even more time to complete the Youtube channel, I see up close and personal the negative state of the Nation Of Gods and Earths and this needs to be addressed. I am a Five Percenter because I teach the truth but I choose not to be a member of the “Nation of Gods and Earths” or the “Five Percent Nation” because I do not allow anyone to control me or the truth just like The Father Clarence 13X. Our duty is to teach and thats all I’m here for.

We are told in our lessons the UNIVERSAL greeting to each other is “Peace” but most messages I receive from brothers do not include this greeting at all and are very negative. I’ve received Instagram phone calls while at work, challenging my “permission” to post the lessons despite the lessons already being online for years. I thought my brothers would be wiser and see the opportunity to help spread Allah’s mathematics even further but it seems that Yacub has done a great job instilling fear and doubt in their subconcious minds. So to avoid further distractions in my personal and business life, I removed the contact form and disabled comments on the Youtube channel. Brothers like Divine Sun Allah, have even posted negative comments with capital letters under the videos to try to discourage my attempts to spread the lessons, which gives me the motivation and conviction to go even harder.

I’m not surprised to see the Five Percent Nation beefing with the Nation of Islam on Youtube videos and separating themselves from Islam over the issue of prayer and submission to Allah. My understanding of this is to each his own. If you don’t allow godbody to express himself without judgement, it creates a potential division. “How can you be god but pray to god?” I was often asked by other gods, but I still bless my food and meditate or pray at will because I see Allah’s spirit in me. This is keeping up the job of Yacub to separate the righteous from within, even years after his passing. If the Nation of Gods and Earths is supposed to have the ultimate truth and be civilized, why is there so much confusion and negativity amongst its own members and outwardly towards other organizations? Why are the Five Percenters still considered a gang by many? We are aware that the street teaching originated in the streets of Harlem, but the rest of the world today and curious 85ers are not attracted to that negative New York “these-are-our-lessons-and-we-know-it-all-son” type of attitude. The Universal Beat Down days are over (it’s not funny) but many brothers still carry the same mentality because their small universe is all they know. It serves as an obstacle to the New Born and gives the organization’s already skeptical background more reason to question, causing many would-be joiners to shy away or stay to themselves after obtaining the lessons, just like I do. This is a prime example of Matthews 25: 14-30, where the man gave his 3 servants talents. He blessed the 2 servants who invested his talents. The one servant who hid his talent out of fear was cast in to the outer darkness, as will be only part of the fate of those brothers who withold the truth as if it is theirs to pass on based on their selfish judgements and agendas.

Clarence 13x, numerous prophets and Jesus showed the way. They became humble and blended with those who they met and taught to reach them on their level. They didn’t walk around quoting lessons or the Bible like a reverand or a parrot and challenging others to do the same. Most Gods I encounter just want to quote the lessons they know and as soon as you make a simple mistake, you wish you had never even tried. This shows a lack of purpose, lack of equality and emotional (feminine) traits. Allah is the master builder and deals in equality to bring his mathematics to the families of the Earth. We can no longer restrict the truth to a few “good speakers” who we feel can properly articulate the lessons in a circle under pressure. If you’re still stuck on quoting lessons, then you’re stuck on the wisdom degree and do not know how to deal with others to bring forth an understanding, 1+2+3=6, which is the best part and your duty as Five Percenter.

The Nation of Gods and Earths has lacked unity, leadership, and cohesiveness since the death of Clarence 13X, The Father and therefore has not progressed to its full potential. The building for the school in Mecca was gifted in 1967 and then there have been no further locations established by the members themselves. Each god becomes their own Self-Lord-And-Master and the gauge of competency is how well you can memorize and quote the 120 lessons. If I owned the Allah school in Mecca, I would require each member of the school to teach at least one student in another state every month instead of sitting around quoting lessons and trying to figure out who knows the most. Then I would have that new student open the Allah School in their own area with a strong social media campaign until the Allah School flourished in every state and major city in the United States. If churches and social clubs can find a meeting place for their members, we should be able to do the same. I get messages everyday from people who have finally found these lessons online and have started studying because they could not find a local study group (that they feel comfortable with), so my duty to civilize the uncivilized is being fulfilled. What about yours?

Are you still standing around, smoking and joking, trying to catch your brother slipping on a few words, or maybe a small mistake in quoting the 120? With all of these social media apps, finding the truth should never be a problem but it still is, despite the number of brothers and sisters who call themselves “Five Percenters.” It seems that in my opinion, most Gods would rather destroy than build and that has kept and will continue to keep the Five Percent Nation stagnant and less desirable to new members for years to come. Spreading the truth should not require a negative or arrogant tone. Until one truly achieves the 11th and 12th jewels, Peace and Happiness, they can not and will not fully take on the duty of teaching others unselfishly.

I work hard everyday to keep these jewels present in my life so sharing the lessons has become a peaceful way to express myself and help others. I speak without fear of judgement because I know that I am Allah in the flesh and I come from a very transparent space. I love the truth. It set me free and I hope that my brothers who do not know the true essence of being civilized and free elevate themselves and kill the 4 devils – especially jealousy and hate.

How Did I Get The Lessons?


My name is Born Infinite Allah and I was blessed with the Five Percenter lessons, “120”, or “Book Of Life” and add-on lessons during my incarceration at Caswell Correctional Facility in 1996. From 1992 to 1994, during my military service at Ft. Stewart, GA, I began noticing a few soldiers with knowledge of self. I couldn’t quite figure out what drawed me to their way of life until I began to see them leaving our smoke sessions and faithfully studying their 120 lessons. I admired their discipline to study and not eat pork while being surrounded by uncivilized people. They didn’t joke around as much as everyone else and always adhered to a strict code. I stopped eating pork but was still was a little immature and the Gods didn’t think I was quite ready for 120…so for now, I had to wait.

At the young age of 22, after 5 years of military service and a tour in Desert Storm, I transitioned back to the civilian life in 1994. My decisions to hustle and not adhere to the legal system cost me 8 months in prison. I never knew this would be the moment I would finally receive 120 and become Born Infinite but I had already stopped eating pork and had all the time in the world, so my mind was ready to accept the truth. I met a young brother from Greensboro, NC. who worked in the mess hall and showed me around the yard. One day, I went back to his dorm to cop some “equality” and saw the Universal Flag when he opened his locker. Now I knew why I crossed paths with Mr. Tim Jackson, aka “Essence Allah”, despite being an introvert far from home. He welcomed all of my questions about the Five Percenters and gave me the Student Enrollment 1-10. I had to write the entire lesson by hand and return his original copy just like he gave it to me. Once I returned the Student Enrollment, he asked me a few questions to make sure I understood it, then gave me the Supreme Mathematics and told me to do the same. Next came the Supreme Alphabets, 1-14, and so on. I had to hand write each lesson for my own Book Of Life and return it to him before receiving the next lesson. I wrote and studied for weeks and months, but I learned so much and avoided distractions and fights the whole 8 months.

My 120 was stolen along with other important items during a break-in in 1997 so I studied from memory for awhile. When Myspace launched in 2003, I went online and found other gods and earths to build with and met Eddie Thompson from High Point, a light brown seed, 1/2 Korean, 1/2 Black god, who goes by the name of Supreme Allah. I met up with him at a parliament in Greensboro and got another hard copy of the 120 lessons. Years passed and I began to see my five percenter brothers expand into various fields of knowledge including Moorish science, Freemasonry, and the Ancient Arabic Order of the Shrine. I questioned it at first because I thought that 120 was all I needed but after extensive studying and building with Supreme, we both decided to become initiated together and go through all of the degrees we possibly could. I travelled through all of the Masonic degrees and crossed the desert (The Shrine), bringing me a full 360 degrees back to my culture of Islam. My knowledge of the Bible, history, mathematics, and science amazed my brothers and even made some want to know the lessons. My understanding of 120 and how it relates to me in real-life has become more clear. I see parallels and similarities in religions and cultures that I would never thought existed. This gives me the confidence and ability to teach people of all backgrounds and beliefs. My mind has become a sponge for soaking up knowledge and learning new things like running businesses, building websites and managing social media and youtube channels to utilize the speed of sound and light.

Knowledge is infinite! Knowledge is power and changes lives when applied properly!


The Five Percenter Lessons Today




Eric Butterworth, a non-original, passed in April 2003, but before he returned to the essence, he became famous for his teachings of “god in man” and “there is no mystery god.” He empahasized that the universe revolved around you (the sun) and the power of thought to change self (self-savior). (Sound familiar to you?) Over more than 40 years, he attracted many thousands of New Yorkers — including rabbis, nuns and atheists — to his weekly optimistic lectures.

If Eric can attract such god-fearing people to the truth of god in man, that shows you the power of the truth. Today, we have technology like cellphones, cameras, and social media which makes our duty easier than ever, but it remains the same – TO CIVILIZE THE UNCIVILIZED. The Father required his students to find and teach their own “new born.” Therefore, we need to take advantage of the tools provided to us to spread the light of Allah’s mathematics in this dark world. Far too many of us have strayed or become distracted by the negativity and chaos in this world, but do not become weary. The world is ready for our message more than ever now. The truth is not as far-fetched as it was 40-50 years ago because the young minds and eyes of the 85ers are starting to see, understand, and accept the fact that the Blackman is god through their own studies and realization.

We need to enforce these truths in our day even more and give the youth knowledge of self to take the devil off of our planet so they can live in peace with 12 jewels.

I hope this site and our Youtube videos makes studying and spreading the 120 lessons easier for us all.

Peace to the Five Percenters, Nation of Islam, Mulsims, Masons, Moors, and all truth-seekers!

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