Peace To The Gods

The Five Percenter Lessons


What Are The Five Percenter Lessons?


The Five Percenter Lessons, also known as “120” and “The Book of Life” are a compilation of 120 lessons, consisting of 8 core lessons in Islam including the Supreme Mathematics and Supreme Alphabet. The 120 lessons were given to us by Clarence 13X “The Father” in 1964 when he began the Five Percenters, also known as “Nations of Gods and Earths” in Harlem, NY.


Who Are The Five Percenters?


The Five Percent Nation is made up of the 5% of the people on the planet Earth that know and teach the truth that the Blackman is God and there is no mystery God in the sky. They also call know as “Poor Righteous Teachers” and “The Nation of Gods and Earths.”

Five Percenters do not eat pork, pride themselves in being civilized people, and uphold the teachings of Islam. In the past, most Five Percenters had to receive knowledge of self from a family member, while incarcerated, or by being approached by a street preacher. Thanks to the advancement of technology, Allah’s mathematics is now only a curious mind and a search query away!


How Did I Get The Lessons?


My name is Born Infinite and I was blessed with the Five Percenter lessons, “120”, or “Book Of Life” and add-on lessons during my incarceration at Caswell Correctional Facility in 1996. From 1992 to 1994, during my military service at Ft. Stewart, GA, I began noticing a few soldiers with knowledge of self. I couldn’t quite figure out what drawed me to their way of life until I began to see them leaving our smoke sessions and faithfully studying their 120 lessons. I admired their discipline to study and not eat pork while being surrounded by uncivilized people. They didn’t joke around as much as everyone else and always adhered to a strict code. I stopped eating pork but was still was a little immature and the Gods didn’t think I was quite ready for 120…so for now, I had to wait.

At the young age of 22, after 5 years of military service and a tour in Desert Storm, I transitioned back to the civilian life in 1994. My decisions to hustle and not adhere to the legal system cost me 8 months in prison. I never knew this would be the moment I would finally receive 120 and become Born Infinite but I had already stopped eating pork and had all the time in the world, so my mind was ready to accept the truth. I met a young brother from Greensboro, NC. who worked in the mess hall and showed me around the yard. One day, I went back to his dorm to cop some “equality” and saw the Universal Flag when he opened his locker. Now I knew why I crossed paths with Mr. Tim Jackson, aka “Essence Allah”, despite being an introvert far from home. He welcomed all of my questions about the Five Percenters and gave me the Student Enrollment 1-10. I had to write the entire lesson by hand and return his original copy just like he gave it to me. Once I returned the Student Enrollment, he asked me a few questions to make sure I understood it, then gave me the Supreme Mathematics and told me to do the same. Next came the Supreme Alphabets, 1-14, and so on. I had to hand write each lesson for my own Book Of Life and return it to him before receiving the next lesson. I wrote and studied for weeks and months, but I learned so much and avoided distractions and fights the whole 8 months.


The Five Percenter Lessons Today


Today, we have technology like cellphones, cameras, social media, and the internet and our duty remains the same – TO CIVILIZE THE UNCIVILIZED. Therefore, I took advantage of the tools and technology provided to us to spread the light of Allah’s mathematics in this dark world. I hope this site makes studying and spreading the 120 lessons easier for us all.

Peace to the Five Percenters, Nation of Gods and Earths, Nation of Islam, Mulsims, Masons, Moors, and all truth-seekers!

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