Supreme Mathematics

Supreme Mathematics


1. Knowledge – foundation of all things in existence. To know the ledge so you won’t fall over the edge. Symbolic to the blackman, the sun, who is GOD.

2. Wisdom – the manifestation of knowledge, one’s way and actions. To wise the dome. Symbolic to the black woman, whom we refer to as moons or earths.

3. Understanding – the best part of life. To see clearly with the third eye. Our two physical eyes are but doorways to our third eye. Symbolic to the black male child, the star, who is ALLAH.

4. Culture Freedom – culture is one’s true way of life, ISLAM, I Self Lord And Master. Freedom is to free the dome, the mind from the devil’s trick knowledge.

5. Power Refinement – power is the truth, truth is the light – the light that brings the 85ers out of the triple stages of darkness. To refine is to make pure. That which has been refined, must be divine.

6. Equality – to be equal in all things, such as knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. 1+2+3=6. Symbolic to the devil and the woman, whose limitation is 6.

7. God – original Asiatic blackman with knowledge of self who posseses the power to build and destroy. Maker, owner, cream of the planet earth, father of civilization, God of the universe.

8. Build / Destroy – to add on, elevate on the foundation of everything in existence – knowledge. In order to build, we must first destroy all negativity.

9. Born – to be or exist. Born twice – physically through the womb, mentally through Allah’s mathematics.

0. Cipher – 360 degrees consisting of 120 knowledge, 120 wisdom, 120 understanding. Zig-zag-zig. From knowledge to understanding, back to knowledge.

Peace to the Gods!!!

Quiz Time



1. Explain briefly in your own words the meaning of “In the Name of Allah”.
2. Write a short history of Supreme Mathematics.
3. Explain what is mathematics.
4. What is meant by “Mathematics is the truth and can only be used by the Sun of Man?”
5. What makes up mathematics?
6. Explain briefly what is living mathematics.
7. What is the mathematical science of self-creation?
8. Why does mathematics go from knowledge to born?
9. What is the natural order of mathematics and what would happen if wisdom were place before knowledge?
10. Explain briefly the nine laws of mathematics.
11. Write a manifestation which includes within itself every mathematical unit of living mathematics.
12. What are the essential life forces of mathematics?
13. Write the name of at least 12 sciences which are ramifications of mathematics.
Why is mathematics the key of life?
14. Explain the mathematics of 360 degrees.
15. What is the meaning of “Bio-chemical reconstructive terms of mathematics?”
16. Explain briefly why one must know the day’s mathematics.